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A Bedroom Sanctuary by Maid Service Redondo Beach

Your bedroom isn’t only a place for sleeping. It’s a place to unwind, daydream, get inspired, relax, and bond. Coming home to a bed that’s unmade, dirty laundry that’s scattered all over the floor, or a carpet that hasn’t seen a vacuum cleaner for a few days, is probably not the welcome home you look forward to. At Empress Maids, we know what having a sanctuary bedroom all is about. We understand that this is the last room you visit before waking up in the morning, and that you need a good night’s rest to face the next day. Our maid service Redondo Beach will help you do just that.

Bedroom Basics

Our team of professional maids pay attention to detail and listen as you advise them on how you’d like your bedroom cleaned. We understand that the bedroom is your sanctuary, and because we are so passionate about what we do, we’ll take notes and abide by your instructions.

Not only are we excellent at cleaning, but we’re attentive and caring as well. We handle your personal belongings delicately, and the same is said for your bed sheets and pillows.

Sprucing Things Up

When we clean your bedroom, you can expect the carpet to be vacuumed without a hint of lint to be found. Your bed will be made up in such a way that you’ll think that you’ve walked into a hotel room. We will change your linen, and do your bed laundry if you would like to include this additional service ahead of time.  Any laundry that is lying around will be folded neatly and put to the side, unless we’re told otherwise.

Your headboard and side tables will be polished, leaving them shiny and clean. Mirrors will gleam once we’ve worked our magic on them, using only the best high quality cleaning products available.

Maid Service Redondo Beach and Surrounds

Our new branch has recently opened in Redondo Beach, and joins sister branches in Venice and Santa Monica.

With over 10 years’ experience, and by offering specific attention to detail and excellent customer service, we’re confident in the fact that our services are one of, if not the best in California. Cleaning services are planned to suit your budget and to work around your schedule. If you’re not satisfied, we will arrange for a team to immediately rectify anything that wasn’t to your liking.

Going to sleep in a bedroom after a tiring day sounds like a piece of heaven to most people. But when your bedroom is covered in scattered clothes, lint on the carpet, or a bed that looks as though someone’s just woken up – it’s not an easy task. In fact, sleeping on the couch may sound more inviting! That’s why when you hire the cleaning services from Empress Maids, you can be confident in the knowledge that when you enter your place of rest at the end of the day, it will be like coming home to a comfortable, relaxing bedroom sanctuary.

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