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We Win at Delivering Affordable Los Angeles Guaranteed House Cleanings

There are things which can be bought for money, like great house cleanings for Los Angeles residences, and things that cannot be bought or brought back, like those wonderful moments with your family. This is why, when you have to choose between cleaning up your house and spending some time with your loved ones, the decision should definitely favor your family. As for the former activity, leave it up to Empress Maids! We provide high quality house cleanings in Los Angeles that fit with your budget and preferences.

Empress Maids not only cleans your house, but also your schedule, so that you can fully enjoy your life. And if this is not enough, our house cleanings in the Los Angeles residential area are highly affordable, so that money will not stand in your way when making a decision. For a small price Empress Maids can make your house shine. If you are interested in evaluating our house cleanings in Los Angeles, you can read our clients’ testimonials, or even better, book us for one trial cleaning session.

Flexible Services For Every Budget

Our policy is to provide the best possible Los Angeles house cleanings and at the same time stick to the budget estimated by our clients. At Empress Maids, you decide how much you spend on cleaning as we work with you in establishing a personalized cleaning package that will perfectly answer all your needs. This is why most people choose our company for regular house cleanings in Los Angeles.

We Listen To Your Directions

Directions from our clients are essential for achieving successful, efficient house cleanings for your Los Angeles residence. Nobody knows your house better than you do, so your directions are taken seriously by us. If we know the areas which need thorough cleaning and the ones which need only superficial care we can organize our time better and make the cleaning session highly effective.

Less Time For The Same Great House Cleanings For Los Angeles’ Residences

All of our maids are fully trained and have at least five years of experience in the home cleaning sector. This makes them extremely efficient and allows us to set less time for basic house cleanings in Los Angeles. For clients this is translated into lower fees and a better value for their money.

We Use Your Preferred Cleaning Products

When contracting Empress Maids for house cleanings in Los Angeles, you can choose for ust to use your preferred type of cleaning product. Green products are available for an eco-friendly cleaning, or traditional products can be used for a germ sanitizing cleaning. You can also provide your own cleaning supplies, if you already bought them or have special ones, which you would like us to use.

We Can Send The Same Team Each Time We Clean Your House

If you are a returning client, you may request to be sent the same team when you need house cleanings in Los Angeles. There are two reasons behind this decision. The first one is because we know that sending different teams every week helps to develop your comfort level with our company, while the second is that the same team will be more effective than a new one. The team will already be familiar with your home and requirements and will start working as soon as they get to your house. No need to tell us your preferences again and respond to the same questions, unless you want to change something from the previous cleaning session.

We Have More Competitive Rates During The Weekdays

Most Los Angeles house cleanings are done during weekdays. However, we also have availability during weekends for a slightly higher rate for our busy clients. Our rates are most affordable from Monday to Friday, and you can schedule your cleaning session to take advantage of this. We advise our working clients to take advantage of the week rates by using our lockbox solution. The lockbox allows you to grant us permission to get inside the house while you are at work.  After our Los Angeles housecleaning specialists leave your house, it will be sparkling clean, ready to receive even the most discerning guests.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal

We just love to see that big smile on your face when we leave your house, so we will do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied. We always strive to offer our clients a great cleaning experience and to exceed their expectations.

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About Empress Maids – Founded in 1999, Empress Maids LLC provides customized residential and commercial cleaning and maid services to all of Greater Los Angeles.  The company maintains the highest standards of quality and reliability by carefully selecting each cleaning professional.  Each of the company’s maids is selected for their experience (5 years or more), their quality cleaning track record, and their friendly personalities.  For more information about Empress Maids or Los Angeles cleaning services, please visit or call (424) 228-5236.

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