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Blissful Bathrooms Cleaning Service In Redondo Beach

There’s nothing quite like taking a scented lavender bubble bath surrounded by candles, in total relaxation after a long day. Except, if your bathroom is a disaster. Who wants to scrub the bath minutes before filling up the tub? It’s hard to feel serene and calm when there’s a trash can filled to brim, or when the basin is full of toothpaste and lotions from the morning’s rush hour. Taking a tranquil bath or unwinding in a hot shower are some of life’s best pleasures. At Empress Maids, we take pride in cleaning your bathroom in such a way that you’ll need to do a double take before entering. We’ll transform your room into a blissful haven. A promise from a top cleaning service Redondo Beach company, including surrounding areas.

Bathtubs that Shine

At Empress Maids, only the very best cleaning products are used to ensure that your bath is left spic and span. Our team of maids won’t finish cleaning your bath until it’s shining. Bath time oils, salts and soap have a way of leaving a light residue that’s often not noticed when you’re relaxing in your tub in the evening. We’ll be able to detect even the smallest hint of residue and eliminate it, before you even knew that it was there.

Sparkling Showers

Showers have a way of building up unattractive and unhygienic residue or mold if it is not cleaned properly over time. This can take place on the tile walls around the shower, on the plastic curtain or on the glass doors, on the shower head, or even on the tiled floor. Our team of maids will scrub down your shower to get rid of any nasty scum. We will also free your shower of any excess soap, shampoo or conditioner – leaving it sparkling, and smelling clean and fresh.

Mirrors and Basins that Gleam

We understand that the mornings can sometimes be rushed, and that there isn’t time to wipe down basins from left-over toothpaste, shaving gel or face lotions. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll make sure that your mirrors are streak-free, and that your basins are gleaming before you arrive home.

Bathroom Cleaning Service Redondo Beach

Our new branch has recently opened in Redondo Beach, and our team of maids are on standby at these new premises as well as in Venice and Santa Monica. We’ll scrub down your bathroom from top to bottom, leaving it sparkling and ready for you to relax and unwind – in bathroom bliss.

There are few things more disappointing than discovering a mirror that is streaky, or a window pane that hasn’t been cleaned properly after hiring a cleaning service. When you make use of Empress Maids’ services, you have our guarantee on quality house cleaning. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With over 10 years experience in the business, our testimonies and reputation are something we pride ourselves on every day.

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