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Commercial Cleaning Needed in Los Angeles? We Can Help

Our commercial cleaning Los Angeles division can help serve all of your specific needs. Our staff has the necessary training and resources to ensure that you have a top notch clean office space to call your own. In fact, if you are not using a professional cleaning service to maintain your office space you may be failing to impress your clients! Our commercial cleaning Los Angeles service knows exactly how to meet the demands for our clients and we show it!

We Meet Your Needs

What are the needs for your commercial cleaning in Los Angeles? We handle all types of commercial spaces from retail locations to office buildings and much more. We ensure you get the best possible service tailored to the location. For example, you can choose the only desk and floor cleanings, and nothing more, or we can also do the bathrooms and break room areas every other visit. We will work with you to find solutions to all of your needs. At Empress Maids, our commercial cleaning staff can offer suggestions on tackling your unique needs.

Priced Right – Commercial Cleaning in Los Angeles

In order to determine pricing for a commercial space in Los Angeles, several factors are taken into consideration. While we will work within many budgets, we do use a few factors to determine the actual pricing.

  • The size of the location plays a role in costs. However, if you have a large location, do not feel that our prices may be too high. We encourage you to get a quote first.
  • The amount of time it takes to do the tasks you need from us is also a factor. This will vary from location to location, but again, when you secure a quote from Empress Maids, we will work with you to determine what your requirements are.
  • Our rates are also based on how frequently you need service. We recommend at least weekly for commercial locations, but will work with you to find the best schedule to keep your space clean and ready for business.

Get a quote to find out how affordable our Los Angeles commercial cleanings really are.

Why Us?

Why should you hire Empress Maids to handle your next big job? There are many reasons to do so. However, here are a few specific to our Los Angeles commercial cleaning service.

  • We have more than ten years of experience in commercial cleaning. We are not a startup, but a tried and proven company providing commercial cleaning for numerous businesses.
  • We can service your facility on the weekends. If that is better for your business schedule, just let us know. Our providers will work with your needs no matter which day of the week is best for you.
  • We also only have a three-hour minimum. That means that we can do many of the smaller locations that other companies may not do. We work with you on ensuring you get the best possible cleaning for any type of location you have.
  • We are discrete and will not interfere with your business. We are quiet and thus you can count on us to work around your specific needs without interrupting your business. We are respectful of your time and privacy. We will accommodate your needs at the time of service. We are also reliable, a factor that is just as important to your clients as it is to ours.
  • Our team is professional and we dress like it. You will see our commercial cleaning Los Angeles providers in uniforms, with nametags. This makes them look professional in your professional setting.

It is a big deal to hire a cleaning company for your business. We know that. That is why we have numerous references you can call from local companies that will recommend us. These are locations that trust us to help keep their business’s image a positive one, no matter what type of business they have.

Now is a fantastic time to find out how our commercial cleaning Los Angeles division can help to change the way that you do business. Clean up, organize and spruce up your office. It could boost productivity and employee respect for the company. At the same time, it will improve your outward image to clients. At Empress Maids, we ensure you get the best looking space possible because we know you need to concentrate on your business and not the distracting chores.

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About Empress Maids – Founded in 1999, Empress Maids LLC provides customized residential and commercial cleaning and maid services to all of Greater Los Angeles.  The company maintains the highest standards of quality and reliability by carefully selecting each cleaning professional.  Each of the company’s maids is selected for their experience (5 years or more), their quality cleaning track record, and their friendly personalities.  For more information about Empress Maids or Los Angeles cleaning services, please visit or call (424) 228-5236.

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