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Starbucks or Empress Maids Santa Monica Maid Service?

A potential client was recently looking for a Santa Monica maid service that was affordable but also high in quality and we came well recommended. The question she had, though, was if she could afford our Santa Monica maid service.

Sometimes you need to see just how affordable house cleaning services like Empress Maids can be. We have done some number crunching for you to show you just how easy it can be to have a fabulously clean home, without breaking a nail, and still have the money to do everything you want to.

The Latte Factor – Choose Wisely Santa Monica

Consider how many times you stop for a coffee at a premium coffee chain. You need your coffee and you should have it, but you may not realize just how much you are spending on it. Did you know that just one latte a day is what you would be spending to have your home cleaned by us? One Latte a day at $3.50 a day is worth about $100 worth of cleaning services per month. In other words, the day-to-day affordability of our Santa Monica maid service is easy to see using this example.

Santa Monica Maid Service – Less Than 10 Percent Of Your Rent

Perhaps you rent your apartment and you want a Santa Monica maid service to come into your home to manage your cleaning. Can you afford it? In most cases, the answer to that question is also yes! In Santa Monica, the average cost of a one bedroom rental is about $1500 (and that’s not the high end market!) Now, for less than 10 percent of that rental cost, you could be living in a regularly cleaned home that you do not have to get your hands dirty for. Is it worth it to you? If where you live it is more expensive, or less, these numbers would be different, of course.  But the example shows that in Santa Monica, maid service is a relatively affordable option.

Car Washes? Should Have Ordered a Maid Service

How many times do you drive through the local car wash a month? You know the importance of a great looking, clean car but have you taken the time to consider your home? A car can be the first impression someone has of you but so is your home. The average cost of a car wash, a basic one, is around $20. Perhaps you go through a car wash once a week. That’s $80 a month. Do you spend at least that much on cleaning your home, where you spend the majority of your time? If not, you may be neglecting your most valuable possession!

A Dinner Out

If you need another example of just how affordable Santa Monica maid service can be, just take a look at what you spend eating out. Is it important to you to have a home that is clean and beautiful, well maintained and impressive to anyone who happens to stop by? If so, it will cost you about the same as one nice dinner out for two people. And, your home is constantly clean!

Why Empress Maids Santa Monica?

Our Santa Monica maid service is one of the best. We are also available throughout the Los Angeles area. Why hire us to help you with your cleaning needs?

  • We focus on the details. You will notice that your home has been pampered. We know you need a great looking, clean home to relax in.
  • We charge you an affordable rate. You can afford to have your home cleaned constantly and you do not have to worry about giving up any of your favorite things to do.
  • We offer you discounts and pricing plans that fit your needs, your budget and your goals. In other words, we will tailor your package to fit your home and your budget.

Empress Maids is out to impress you and we do it without breaking your budget. We encourage you to contact us to find out how affordable our services can really be for your needs. The good news is that you can afford to have a fabulously clean home that is impressive without having to get dirty, waste your time or limit yourself. Our Santa Monica maid service would love to hear from you.

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About Empress Maids – Founded in 1999, Empress Maids LLC provides customized residential and commercial cleaning and maid services to all of Greater Los Angeles.  The company maintains the highest standards of quality and reliability by carefully selecting each cleaning professional.  Each of the company’s maids is selected for their experience (5 years or more), their quality cleaning track record, and their friendly personalities.  For more information about Empress Maids or Los Angeles cleaning services, please visit or call (424) 228-5236.

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