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Empress Maids – Your Trusted Total Cleaning Professionals

At Empress Maids, we pride ourselves on being your total cleaning maid service. Our professionals, both in the office and in your home, are people you can count on to render thorough cleaning service to your satisfaction. We are conveniently located in Los Angeles and serve many of the cities located in the Greater Los Angeles area.

We will work with you to develop a personalized cleaning routine within your home. This allows our professional maids to address the areas you care about most.  We are very picky when it comes to our maids, we select only those candidates with the experience, track record and personality that we trust, and that you can trust as well!

Working within the customer’s budget is another matter of great pride for us. We realize times are difficult, and that some of our customers are on a fixed budget. That is why we work with customers to provide the services they can afford. The cost is completely in your control and we will never pressure you to accept services you don’t want. We will help you select a cleaning service plan that fits your budget. Our goal is always your total satisfaction.

Our services can be arranged weekly, every other week or monthly. Of course, should the need arise, we can work in single visits. We also have affordable one-time visit rates for customers who do not need cleaning on a regular basis. In any case, you will be delighted with our prices and our high-quality, professional cleaning services. We are happy to work within your schedule in the event that you to make a change.

Fit For Every Situation

If you are about to move out of your home, or move into a new one, Empress Maids will gladly perform our special deep cleaning process. This is a total cleaning, from ceiling to floor, under furnishings, anywhere that germs, mold, mildew and odors can be hiding. We will leave your home sparkling fresh and looking like new.

Our customers rate their experience with us as highly satisfactory. We work hard to ensure that each customer receives the utmost professional customer service and the highest-quality cleaning services. Flexibility is our key to success. We clean small apartments, large homes, even estates. No matter what size home you have, you will always be treated like an Emperor. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to show our dedication to our valued customers.

We Work For You

We offer a wealth of services that can be integrated into your personalized cleaning plan. Mirrors and windows can be washed, floors vacuumed and washed, cabinets cleaned, window sills and baseboards wiped, trash emptied, dishes washed, beds changed – we can even do laundry! These are just a few of the many services we offer. Please call for complete details and pricing.  Or, if you prefer, you can visit our website and complete our secure Quote Request form, or email us with needs and budget. We will be happy to provide you with an affordable quote and will work with your budget. Anything we can do to assist you, just ask. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service which has allowed us to serve the community for such a long period of time, and look forward to providing our services for you in the future.

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Empress Maids is available in Los Angeles. We will be expanding to other cities soon. More questions?