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Expanding Cleaning Service Redondo Beach and Beyond – Fit for Royalty!

Daily life is stressful, and it’s so easy to get caught up in work at the office and only be able to get home late at night. By that stage you’re probably exhausted, and all you want to do is sit in your favorite armchair or on your comfortable sofa and relax. You need to feel on top of the world. That’s not easy to do coming home to dirty dishes in the sink or an unmade bed. At Empress Maids, we understand this all too well. With over 10 years experience in the business, we make it our mission for you to come home and unwind in the serenity of your house. We want you to feel like royalty from the minute you walk through the front door.

First Class Cleaning Service Redondo Beach

Empress Maids have recently opened a brand new branch in Redondo Beach. Our services are now available in the area, as well as in Venice and Santa Monica. As our name suggests, we go above and beyond to provide excellent service to our clients. We make it our mission to treat your home like gold, and to provide service fit for royalty. We’ll take notes so that we understand exactly how you’d like your home cleaned, and we will also design a cleaning plan to suit your budget.

We take care of everything so that you don’t have to lift a finger – except of course to sign off on the job once you’re 100% satisfied!

Top Quality Cleaning Products

In order to provide top class service, we don’t waste our time with imitation cleaning products. Our cleaning products are of the highest quality, whether it’s cleaning soap, liquid or lotion – we take care and pride in the products that we use. Our products are also Eco-friendly, without skimping on the quality.

Courteous and Attentive Attitude

Because we are so confident in our cleaning abilities and the ability to deliver first-class service, we only hire the very best when it comes to employing new maids into our service. All maids hired have at least 5 years of professional cleaning service experience.

Our maids pride themselves on being prompt, attentive, caring and passionate about what they do. They’re down-to-earth and although they will never stand around to chat, they enjoy the occasional pleasantries with a smile on their face.

Royal Treatment Cleaning Service Redondo Beach

Our new branch is fully operational and our maids are ready to bring their first-class service to your doorstep!

There are so many stresses in our daily lives. Whether we’re at work, studying, working from home or looking after children, it’s impossible to feel relaxed in every moment. That’s why when you make use of Empress Maids, we make it our mission to clean your house in such a way, that you’ll soon forget the day’s troubles. You’ll be able to escape inside a house that sparkles and shines, a house that welcomes you after a long day – your home, your palace.

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