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Empress Maids are Experienced Green Cleaners in Culver City

Empress Maids is one of the top green cleaners in Culver City. Using only approved green cleaning products, eco-friendly equipment and employing cleaning procedures which are in accordance with nature; our company promotes a responsible attitude towards the environment. We have made high quality green cleaning our top priority and are happy to fulfill your needs by sending over the best green cleaners in Culver City. As citizens of this city, we are glad to see that more and more people acknowledge the importance of a safe environment and switch to green cleaning.

The Culver City green cleaners team started from a plethora of reasons:

1. We Care About Our Clients

For Empress Maids, a clean house does not only mean sparkling surfaces and a fresh smell. For us cleaning a house means providing our clients with a healthy, neat and safe place where they can carry out their daily activities. By choosing the services of our green cleaners for Culver City residences, you choose a high quality cleaning performed with the greatest attention towards your family as well as towards the environment.

Green cleaning has a minimum impact on the house inhabitants. It is highly recommended for people dealing with different types of allergies, for houses where there are babies, children and pets, as well as for people who want to avoid unnecessary exposure to chemical substances.

2. Your Pets Deserve A Healthy Living Space

Our Culver City green cleaners will shortly become your pets’ best friends. Pets and children are probably the most vulnerable inhabitants to chemical products. While children are usually taken out of the house during cleaning sessions, pets remain in the house, in direct contact with all those cleaning compounds. Furthermore, pets spend the most time indoors, which means they are highly exposed to the effects of chemical products even after the cleaning team is gone. Our green cleaners in Culver City love animals, so they will find it easy to work while pets are inside. Furthermore, they will try to keep pets away from cleaning products and will use a smaller quantity of cleaning substances in the area accessible to pets to limit exposure.

3. Using  Green Cleaning Products Is Easy And Effective

Choosing green over traditional cleaning does not mean giving up quality. When Empress Maids sends their green cleaners to Culver City homes, we are sure they will provide the high quality cleaning services. The green products’ effectiveness is comparable with that of chemical substances. In some cases, the eco-friendly products are even more effective than their chemical counterpart, which makes green cleaning even more attractive for a broad range of people.

4. Green Cleaning Products Are Mild With All Surfaces

When using traditional cleaning products, there is always a chance that they will damage delicate fabrics or surfaces. With the eco-friendly products this risk is reduced to minimum and in most cases it is nonexistent. So apart from receiving proper attention from our Culver City green cleaners, the surfaces from your house will be protected against any type of accidental damage.

5. We Care About Our Staff

A constant exposure to chemical substances may significantly affect the maids’ health. The toxic substances used in many of the traditional cleaning products are responsible for a large variety of conditions, starting with migraines and ending with severe forms of cancer. In contrast, the Culver City green cleaners are less prone to developing occupational disease as green products have a low level of toxicity.

6. We Care About Our City

A green cleaning not only improves the quality of life inside the house, but also contributes to a healthy living in your city. Green cleaners in Culver City use HEPA filters for all their vacuuming machines, use green products that do not pollute water, soil and air when disposed and have a preference for reusable natural cloths over paper cleaning materials. This way, the impact on the city’s environment is minimized so that you can live in a clean home.

Empress Maids is always in search of new and innovative ways of providing high quality cleaning services that will fully satisfy our clients’ needs. Our attention to details and the usage of “real” green cleaning strategies distinguish us as experienced green cleaners in Culver City.

If you need further information about our Culver City green cleaners, feel free to contact us. We will answer all your questions regarding this topic. If you are tempted to try green cleaning products, but want to keep some of the traditional products you are satisfied with, we can devise a cleaning strategy to include both types of products.

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