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Selecting Housekeeping Services in Los Angeles

There are a myriad of Los Angeles housekeeping services available, but how do you find the Los Angeles housekeeper that is the best fit for you? The main factors you need to review when choosing your housekeeping service in Los Angeles are; reputation, appropriate licensing and insurance, and quality customer service.

It is not always easy to quantify these Los Angeles housekeeper factors. The usual way of rating these Los Angeles housekeeping company factors is to spend some time researching the different websites of the major Los Angeles houskeeping services in your area, and taking a long look at the housekeeping reviews that they each have on the popular review sites such as Yelp, Citysearch, Google reviews, and Yahoo reviews. A great shortcut is to ask around to your Los Angeles friends if they use a Los Angeles housekeeper, and see if they recommend a Los Angeles housekeeping service.

Let’s talk about Los Angeles housekeeping reputation first. It is important that your Los Angeles housekeeping service has a track record of success and has developed a reputation for dependability. The best way to estimate future performance is to know how long a housekeeping service has been around and what kind of reputation they have. Empress Maids is a Los Angeles housekeeping service that has been around for 10 years, and has a dozens of high quality reviews and ecstatic feedback from its loyal house keeping customers. This kind of Los Angeles housekeeping service longevity and reputation is difficult to establish, and is a good indicator that the housekeeping company is well managed and staffed with professionally trained and reliable housekeepers.

Appropriate licensing and insurance is very important in selecting your Los Angeles Housekeeper

What happens if something valuable is broken in your house during a cleaning? How do you know that the Los Angeles housekeeping service provider you choose to clean your home is following all applicable laws? This is where insurance and licensing come into play. With a freelance Los Angeles housekeeper, you can not be sure that these are taken care of. Even with an established Los Angeles house keeper you still need to be sure and ask that they carry appropriate insurance and licensing. Empress Maids, a Los Angeles housekeeping service, is fully licensed and insured to offer quality housekeeping services in the State of California. It is more expensive for a business to be licensed and insured, but it gives the housecleaning customer the utmost protection and peace of mind. Always prefer a Los Angeles housekeeper that is licensed and insured.

Housekeeping company customer review websites such as Yelp, Citysearch, Google, and Yahoo Local are excellent resources to assess the quality of the work that Los Angeles housekeeping services provide. In Los Angeles, Yelp seems to be one of the most active user review sites, and many of Empress Maids’ housekeeping customers have found us that way. Empress Maids is very grateful for the quality Los Angeles housekeeping reviews that our satisfied housekeeping customers in Los Angeles have left us on the various review websites.

Read customer reviews of the Empress housekeeping services on Yelp.

We hope that this article offers you a bit of help as you are making your decision about what Los Angeles housekeeping service you should choose. A clean and healthy home environment awaits you! Please consider Empress Maids, your local Los Angeles housekeeping service as you look for quality, professional and affordable Los Angeles housekeeping service.

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About Empress Maids – Founded in 1999, Empress Maids LLC provides customized residential and commercial cleaning and maid services to all of Greater Los Angeles.  The company maintains the highest standards of quality and reliability by carefully selecting each cleaning professional.  Each of the company’s maids is selected for their experience (5 years or more), their quality cleaning track record, and their friendly personalities.  For more information about Empress Maids or Los Angeles cleaning services, please visit or call (424) 228-5236.

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