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Kitchen Cleaning Service Manhattan Beach and Surrounding Areas

The kitchen is often, if not always referred to as “the heart of the home”. It’s a place for the family to gather around the kitchen table or counter and chat about their day. It’s a place to cook up a storm, try a hand at being the next MasterChef, or entertain guests. Imagine cooking in a filthy kitchen, with an overflowing bin, or dishes that haven’t been washed. It’s hard to relax in an area that isn’t clean, and our team at Empress Maids understand this all too well. Your kitchen should be inviting as well as gleaming. Our cleaning service Manhattan Beach, and surrounds is available along the coastal strip.

Shiny Counter Tops

Kitchen counter tops are known to collect large amounts of bacteria every day. Whether you’re using the counter or not, bacteria is prone to finding their way onto your surfaces. Even more so if it’s filled with accessories, appliances, recipe books and other kitchen utensils. When you use Empress Maids, you can be guaranteed that each and every nook and cranny of your kitchen will be cleaned to perfection. Our maids will eliminate bacteria in places that are often forgotten about or hard to reach.

Appliances that Sparkle

Along with counter tops, appliances in the kitchen are also home to many germs and bacteria. Whether it be a coffee pot, small microwave oven, toaster or waffle maker, these appliances attract unwanted dirt, dust and germs. We understand that the kitchen is often the central point of the house, and therefore prone to heavy traffic. Our maids use only the best quality cleaning products to scrub down your counter and oven tops, clean your cupboards, shine your appliances, and also dust unwelcome cobwebs, window frames and baseboards.

Spotless Refrigerators

A job that many people put off, and something that should be done at least once a month – cleaning out and defrosting the refrigerator. We will take out your food – checking with you first before throwing anything out, and clean out your entire refrigerator, leaving it spic and span. When we’re done, we’ll replace all your food so that you have a spotless refrigerator to come home to.

Kitchen Cleaning Service Manhattan Beach

Empress Maids have three branches along the Californian coastline that are in close proximity to Manhattan Beach. Our branches are situated in Santa Monica, Venice, and the recently opened Redondo Beach branch.

There are few things as uninviting as a dirty kitchen. Grease, empty bottles, and an overflowing refrigerator packed up with ice are all things that you shouldn’t worry about when you get home. You’ll be able to unwind with a glass of wine, while you decide on a dish to prepare. You won’t be embarrassed to have guests over, and they’ll marvel at how beautiful your kitchen is. Coming home to a filthy kitchen is deflating, it’s even worse when you have those few unexpected guests to entertain. Empress Maids will take care of completely cleaning your kitchen, so that you have more time to relax or entertain.

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