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We Do Laundry and Superior House Cleaning in Marina Del Rey

Laundry and house cleaning for Marina Del Rey residences can take over your time if not tackled properly. If you have a vacation home in the area, then this is certainly not why you want to be there in the first place. So, put aside the domestic problems and let Empire Maids deal with them. Our services are 100% guaranted and rise up to the highest standards so that you can fully enjoy your spare time.

We can help you during your stay in the city, prepare your property for your arrival and clean up after your stay in the house is over. Our Marina Del Rey house cleaning services include a plethora of options, so that you can personalize your cleaning package in accordance with your needs. There are numerous advantages associated with using our services.

Flexible Marina Del Rey House Cleaning Packages

Vacation homes need special attention, as they need to be perfect when guests arrive. Whether you decide to invite friends over or just have some fun days with your family, the house needs to be fully prepared to cater everyone. During your stay you will need regular cleaning sessions, so that everything will remain in good order while you go fishing, take swimming lessons or sail in the shallow waters of the Pacific Ocean. Lastly, when you leave, you will need the house to be put in order so that the next time you come, you will find everything ready. All of these types of Marina Del Rey house cleaning services are different and require unique cleaning solutions. At Empress Maids we are ready to provide you with personalized house cleaning for Marina Del Rey vacation residences so that you fully enjoy your stay.

Lockbox Option For Safe House Cleaning In Marina Del Rey

Empress Maids uses lockboxes to secure your keys. This way you can allow us inside your house even when you are not at home. By using the lockbox we can go inside your house and prepare it for your arrival. It is an easy and convenient way to make sure everything will be spic and span when you arrive. The lockbox is great for regular house cleaning of the Marina Del Rey residence. For longer periods out of the town however, we recommend depositing a key in our office.

Laundry And House Cleaning In Marina Del Rey – Best Mix For Your Comfort

Doing the laundry is as unpleasant as cleaning the house, especially during your vacation. This is why we decided to offer the two services upon request. If you are interested in our combined package, then tell our operators about it and we will be more than happy to help you out. With Empress Maids covering the laundry and the house cleaning for Marina Del Rey residences you will have all the time you need to relax, enjoy the birds from the local shore and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

High Quality And Affordable Prices For Your Marina Del Rey House Cleaning

We do not charge more for vacation homes, so you can benefit from our services at competitive rates. Just like all the other homes we clean, vacation homes are the subject of a prior discussion where we set up a cleaning plan and guidelines for all rooms. This plan will be followed accordingly by our maids once they get inside the house. The cleaning plan is flexible and can be structured according to your needs and/or budget, so that you can still have enough money to enjoy everything that this wonderful place has to offer.

While the budget is adjustable, the high quality of our services is a promise we never betray. Our faithful clients already know that for us a house cleaning in Marina Del Rey is a new opportunity to show off our hard earned quality cleaning program.

Move In Cleaning Sessions And Annual House Cleaning Are Available

Our team of maids are also available for larger cleaning sessions, like move in/out or annual house cleaning for Marina Del Rey residences. Whether you have just bought a house here or want to bring the sparkle to an older property, Empress Maids is ready to amaze you with our professionalism.

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