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Marina Del Rey Cleaning Service – Tailored To An On The Go Lifestyle

Our Marina del Ray cleaning service takes care of all your dirty work at home automatically, leaving you to your fun and busy life. The Marina Del Rey lifestyle is filled with fantastic entertainment and outdoor options that have you going in every direction. The last thing you want to think about is maid service. Unlike other cleaning services, we make it a point to clean your home the way you want it cleaned, and when you want it cleaned.

We Work to Save Your Time – Marina Del Rey

As your on the go lifestyle takes you all over town and out of town, we will be here helping to ensure your home looks fantastic and is ready for you, no matter when you can finally land at home. When you walk in the door, drop your luggage and look around, you’ll feel comfortable just dropping to the couch and relaxing. We will do what you need us to do to create that welcome home feeling.

Perhaps what we do best at Empress Maids is to work around our client’s needs. This means that we work hard around your time schedules, too. We know you  have a busy life and that your home is important to you. Our expertise allows us to create schedules that are flexible enough to meet all of our client’s particular scheduling needs. Our Marina del Rey cleaning service works with you and your way of life.

Cleaning Service – A Few Options to Consider

Empress Maids goes the extra mile to ensure that you receive the best service possible and we do our best to accommodate your schedule. Take a look at just some of the ways we accommodate client needs today, and ask yourself if these conveniences meet your needs. If not, give us a call and suggest how our Marina del Rey cleaning service can even better fit you.

  • We can position lockboxes on the outside of your home to secure a key on the door. This way, our providers can come into your home even when you are not at home. We ensure that your home remains locked and secure.
  • For some, home is where the work happens and thus, having a cleaning service in the home during the week is not ideal. It’s a good thing that Empress Maids also work on the weekends. We are happy to work with you to schedule a time to handle the house cleaning that works around your weekend schedule. We know our clients enjoy relaxing not dealing with cleaning!
  • Schedule service when you are home. For some of our clients, the desire to be home when the Marina del Rey cleaning service comes is important. We will work with you to set up a flexible or a set schedule that fits these needs. Because we tailor to our clients, our clients love us.

These are just a few examples of how we can work with your needs. At Empress Maids, we know the value of meeting client needs. Tell us how we can work with your schedule.

We Are Flexible

At Empress Maids, virtually everything is made as simple as possible so that your busy, traveling schedule does not limit you. You can make payments or schedule cleaning service over the phone. You can also do the same thing through email. We accept credit cards to make it even easier and faster for you.

Why Hire Empress Maids?

Our flexible scheduling and demand for high quality results puts Empress Maids at the top of our game. Focus on what we can offer you throughout  our Marina del Rey cleaning service (check our website to see where else we can service your needs.) Stop worrying about balancing your cleaning needs with your on the go lifestyle. Empress Maids will handle it.

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About Empress Maids – Founded in 1999, Empress Maids LLC provides customized residential and commercial cleaning and maid services to all of Greater Los Angeles.  The company maintains the highest standards of quality and reliability by carefully selecting each cleaning professional.  Each of the company’s maids is selected for their experience (5 years or more), their quality cleaning track record, and their friendly personalities.  For more information about Empress Maids or Los Angeles cleaning services, please visit or call (424) 228-5236.

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