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Our Maid Service Hermosa Beach Will Relieve Your Moving Stress

Moving house is one of the most stressful things that you can go through. You need to arrange for movers, you need to pay the deposit on the new house, and you need to pack. In between everything else, that leaves very little time for cleaning on your way out. Rather save yourself the time and the hassle by leaving this job to us. Our maid service Hermosa Beach and surrounds, will scrub, vacuum, sweep, polish and dust until your house is spic and span and as good as new – ready for the new occupants to make your home, their home.

Spic and Span Washing Down

When moving out of an old house or apartment, you may not realize the amount of dirt or grime that remains after you’ve moved out. You may decide to clean yourself, but you won’t be aware of any of the spots that you might have missed. That’s where we come in. Our team of maids from Empress Maids have been cleaning houses and apartments for more than 10 years. We will wash down every window, door frame, windowsill, mirror, baseboard and light fixture.

Cleaning Forgotten Hideaways

Not forgetting any of the hidden places for grime, dirt and mold that might be overlooked, we’ll also get rid of any remaining toxic particles that are especially common in the kitchen, living room and bathroom areas. We will rid the bathroom of mold between all tiles, scrub fittings, clean and polish floor or baseboards, as well as wipe down corners and the tops of cupboards and other fittings.

Eliminating Waste

When you move to another house or apartment, there are bound to be items that you’ve forgotten about that should be thrown away. These items could be broken, damaged or no longer working. You’ll also end up with a lot of waste. Let us worry about removing any additional waste and taking care of a few unwanted items so that you have more time to pack and sort things out for your new home.

Maid Service Hermosa Beach and Surrounding Areas

Our cleaning business started out small and we are pleased to have three branches located around the Hermosa Beach area today. They are situated in Santa Monica, Venice, and the recently opened branch in Redondo Beach along the coast in California.

There are few things in life that are more irritating than moving into a house, only to find that the previous occupants either didn’t bother with cleaning, or that they did a half job attempt at sprucing up the rooms. At Empress Maids, we pride ourselves on supplying exceptional and first-class service. Our attention to detail will leave you with the confidence in knowing that even the most hidden away cobwebs, or smudges of dirt will be taken care of. Your house will be left in top condition when you leave, ready to welcome in the new occupants, while leaving you with plenty of time to concentrate on moving into your new home.

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