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Quality Maid Service Manhattan Beach Works to Make Your Home Office “Workable”

If you have a home office that you use after a long day at the office, or even if you’re working from home and making use of a specific room to work in, you’ll know how demotivating this can be in a cluttered room. A desk that’s full of coffee cup stains, an overflowing trash can, papers and files scattered on the floor and around your desk. This is anything but motivating. At Empress Maids – Maid Service Manhattan Beach, we understand how valuable time is, and how a home office should be – spotless and shiny, leaving you to concentrate in an immaculate working environment.

Setting the Tone

Working from home full day, or working in your home office after hours both require exceptionally good light. We clean all lamps and light fittings in your office space so that you have the very best light to work in for maximum concentration. We also dust your window blinds and curtains to allow for natural light. Our team of maids understand why you need an immaculate area to work in. They work with careful and attentive care to open the room up to light and proper air ventilation as much as possible.

Focusing on Your Work Area

Your desk and chair are probably the central point in your home office. It’s where you spend hours in front of the computer, writing, or working on a project. That’s why it’s so important that your desk is spotless. Our team will wipe down all furniture in the room, as well as dust all the equipment. Your floor will be vacuumed or washed, and the baseboards will be dusted. We won’t leave your office until each part has been polished, dusted or cleaned thoroughly, leaving you with a welcoming space to work in.

Eliminating Clutter and Organizing

Few things are more distracting when you’re trying to concentrate than clutter lying around on your desk or on the floor. Coffee cups, newspapers, pieces of paper or scattered pens – all of this can lead to a lack of concentration and increased working time. We help to decrease that working time by eliminating clutter and organizing your working area. We’ll straighten out your bookshelf, neaten up your filing system, and arrange papers and newspapers together. Your trash can will also be emptied.

Our Three Maid Service Manhattan Beach Branches

Our Empress Maids’ branches are situated in Venice, Santa Monica, and the newly opened Redondo Beach near Manhattan Beach.

Whether you’re working from home and making use of a room as your office, or whether you use a room to catch up on office work after hours, your working environment should be pleasing, uncluttered and free from dirt. At Empress Maids, we make it our mission to ensure that you’re able to focus fully on the project at hand, without worrying about messy stains, pieces of crumpled paper or overflowing waste-paper baskets. We leave your office gleaming and organized so that you don’t need to take up unnecessary time sorting things out.

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