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Santa Monica Maid Service Security – Try Our Lockbox Solution

One of the challenges of scheduling a cleaning with a maid service in Santa Monica is arranging for entry into your home for every visit.

Sometimes your schedule and the schedule of your Santa Monica maid service allows for you to let the maids into your home in the morning, and then you can carry on with your day; but there will always be those times when you cannot be there.  A partial solution to this problem is to use a lockbox.  Empress Maids provides lockboxes to make your cleaning more convenient.

What is a Lockbox?

A lockbox is a secure combination-locking device that locks around your doorknob, or other securely anchored location near your home, and then also locks a key to your home inside of its box-like metal container.

The benefit of the lockbox for your Santa Monica maid service is that without the code, the box cannot be removed from the door, and the key cannot be removed from the box.  Your key is safe and secure, and you know where to find it.  You remain in control of your key at all times.

A lockbox is commonly used in the cleaning and the real estate industries to give secure access to the appropriate parties.

How Does Empress Maids Use the Lockboxes in Santa Monica?

For your convenience, Empress Maids provides lockboxes to allow us to clean your home when assigned, and allow you the security of knowing your key is safe at all times.

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Lockbox Better than Under the Mat?

Yes – using a lockbox is much more secure than leaving your key under the mat where a passerby can find the key and gain access to your home.  If somebody were to tamper with your lockbox in order to try to get to your key, there will be obvious damage and you could take preventative measures. Also, to break the box and remove the key would be extremely difficult.

Will it Cost Me?

Yes – there is a onetime fee of $25 to use an Empress Maids’ lockbox.

Is it Worth It?

Oh Yes it is!  $25 is a small price to pay for security and the convenience of having more flexibility with your Santa Monica maid service.  Imagine you can have Empress Maids clean mid-day for you during a regularly scheduled time and you don’t even have to wait at home to let us in!

Limitations to Consider: Outside Gate?

Often there are two keys required to get into an apartment. There is one key for the outside gate, and one key for the actual door to the apartment.  In this case, putting a lockbox on the door will not get us into the apartment complex; and putting the lockbox at the gate often is prohibited by management or is simply not a secure option.

In this case you will have to seek an alternative entry procedure.  The only alternative may be to have your key stored in our office.

How Do I Get Started?

Give us a call or write us an email and let us know that you would like us to install a lockbox at our next maid service visit in Santa Monica.  We will install the lockbox, you can ask for the code and put the key in at your convenience in preparation for our next visit.  We will add the one-time $14 rental fee to your next invoice.

You will have the code to the lockbox, we will have the code to the lockbox, and you don’t’ have to worry about a snoop picking up your key!

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