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Tips For Finding the Best Santa Monica Maid Service

When looking for the best maid service in Santa Monica you look for a company that will provide high quality, safe and cost effective cleaning services in your area. With the great competition in the market, making the right decision can seem a daunting task even for the most patient customer. That is not the case if you know exactly what to ask from your Santa Monica maid service company! Below you will find a list with the most important steps you need to take in order to find the maid service in Santa Monica which best suits your needs and your budget.

1. Look For Companies Nearby

It is advisable to start looking for local Santa Monica maid service providers available in the nearby area. This way they will easily reach your address, thus avoiding delays caused by rush hours. While proximity is an advantage, discarding good cleaning companies only on the basis of their location is not recommended. Rather ask them how they will overtake this disadvantage.

2. Listen To Your Friends’ Advice

Friends and relatives should be considered when searching for a competitive maid service for Santa Monica residences. If they used such a service before, they will probably have someone to recommend. Maybe they still use a maid service from Santa Monica, or can give you some tips about selecting the best provider. Furthermore, they can help you refine your list of alternatives by disclosing those unreliable or ineffective cleaning companies.

Yet, there are cases in which the company your friend/relative uses may not be what you need. So, even if you are tempted go for the recommend maid service from Santa Monica, make sure you still go through the next steps before making the final decision.

3. Check The Maid Service Company

A respectable Santa Monica maid service company should be able to show references. You should also check the company with the Better Business Bureau to avoid scams. This may require extra time, but taking into consideration the fact that these people will go inside your house, it is well worth the effort.

4. Feedback

The reviews of a company are a mirror. Multiple positive feedbacks indicate that the company is reliable and people have been satisfied with the cleaning service they provide. For accurate reviews check the Santa Monica maid service company’s website or search through the internet for virtual communities sharing their experiences with maid services.

5. Ask For A Quote

When it comes to prices, they vary according to different factors. It is important to provide the company with the details they need to come up an estimate. Most Santa Monica maid service companies provide a quote for free and asking for it creates no obligations.

6. Evaluate In Office Assistance

Whether you communicate via phone, email or directly in their office, proper assistance is essential for a good collaboration. Thus, take some time and talk to the selected company/ companies and put forward all your questions, doubts or requirements. If they are capable of giving you satisfactory answers to your questions and come up with solutions for your problems, then they are definitely worth keeping. If the person answering the phone or email is just trying to make you sign a contract, then you should better look for another maid service in Santa Monica.

7. Compare Price With The Service They Offer

In some cases, cleaning companies include only a few services in their basic offers so that they could drop prices lower than their competitors. It is recommended to ask exactly what “basic clean” means with that particular company, so that you can correctly compare the different Santa Monica maid services available.

8. Ask For Special Offers Or Discounts

Reputable companies offering maid service in Santa Monica reward new clients with special offers or discounts. This may save you money on the long term and may significantly contribute to a better collaboration between you and the house cleaning company.

At Empress Maids, customers get respect and attention. We work with our clients to devise cleaning plans suitable to their needs and budgets. Our positive feedback confirms our professionalism. We strongly encourage you to contact us and get further information about our Santa Monicamaid service. We would be happy to have you as our client.

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