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We have a hand-picked, highly trained team and we’re really proud of it.
Meet some of our team online before you meet us in person.


12 Years of Experience

Originally from Chicago, Arteria moved to Los Angeles over 15 years ago, bringing her experience and her love for people. She has been providing her expert services for years and takes pride in a clean finished product in homes and offices.

Arteria volunteers her cleaning services frequently, and when she’s not on the job, she fills her time by helping others with cleaning needs they may not be able to accomplish themselves. She is outspoken and fun, you will often see her wearing brightly colored jackets and hairpieces.


Celia has cleaned homes since she was a teenager, she started her cleaning career as the janitor for the warehouse she worked at the moment. Celia loves working for Empress Maids because she can provide for her family and has the know-how to excel at what she does. Seeing a client happy with her work is her greatest compliment!

Celia has truly done it all. She knows how to work quickly and efficiently to meet all of our clients needs.


5 Years of Experience

While working at a janitorial company in Los Angeles, Grace saw how the many varied clients responded with enthusiasm to her individual care. She has brought that experience, along with a total of five years of cleaning experience, to Empress Maids. Grace has cleaned homes since she was a teenager, so she instinctively know what needs to be done and is quick on the job.

Grace loves working for Empress Maids because she can provide for her family and she has the know-how to excel at what she does. Seeing a client happy with her work is her greatest compliment!


Originally from Venezuela, Lisbeth started cleaning at a very young age, she has over 10 years of experience and Lisbeth knows how to make sure that everything looks spotless.

Lisbeth always makes sure to go the extra mile with her cleanings and enjoys when the clients see how clean and tidy their home is.

Lisbeth enjoys to spend hours playing with her 2 daughters and going to do shopping with them.


10 Years of Experience

Making clients happy has always been Luisa’s biggest joy and happily she achieves that in both of her passions. Empress Maids is her weekday job where she gets to use her twelve years of experience to make our clients homes and offices shine.
During the weekend she creates flower arrangements and centerpieces for parties and special occasions.

She is happy that she gets to create happy homes for her clients by using her cleaning skills to make their week run smoothly.


Mariza is the newest addition to our team, she has over 4 years of experience and she is happy to join the Empress Maids team. Mariza has done it all, from working in a hotel to cleaning offices at night. She understands that a clean environment is important for the daily living and she always makes sure that all her cleanings are done the right way.

On her free time, Mariza loves to go on long walks with her husbands and help her kids do their homework.


5 Years of Experience

Cleaning everything from downtown skyscrapers to small studio apartments, Mary brings over five years of experience to our team. She understands time management and efficiency to complete tasks in any size home or office.

Mary has a great bubbly attitude and is always waiting with a smile. You will enjoy having her friendly and professional demeanor in your home.


22 Years of Experience

As a native of Los Angeles, and a maid with Empress Maids for over 2 years, Michelle definitely knows how to get around in the city. She has been in the cleaning profession for over twenty-two years in and around Los Angeles, making the city she loves clean and beautiful.

When Michelle's not at work she is involved with her community through volunteer work and church activities. She is a proud mother, and is about to become a grandmother for the first time!


Born and raised in California, Natasha became a young mother and she started her cleaning career to support her family. She started working as a caregiver, cashier and she loves to provide excellent customer service.

Natasha is very pleasant and always cares about customer satisfaction, and she brought her experience to the Empress Maids team. On her free time she loves to spend quality time with her family and play with her kids.


7 Years of Experience

Originally from Mexico, Ricardo came to Los Angeles to pursue his love for cooking. With seven years of cleaning experience, Empress Maids is the perfect place for him while he gets his start in the culinary field.

Many clients say that Ricardo is super friendly, and he admits that his favorite part of the job is meeting our new clients and interacting with them. He takes the time to listen to the needs of each client so he knows if they would like anything special done. Ricardo knows that it's the details and a smile that matter.


9 Years of Experience

With over nine years of experience Rosa has cleaned almost every type of space imaginable. From her childhood home in Mexico to her time in some of the biggest hotels Las Vegas has to offer, Rosa always brings a smile and an eagerness to get even the smallest tasks done with professionalism.

Los Angeles is Rosa's favorite city because she loves being close to her family. In her spare time she attends family functions and has fun cheering on her son in his sport activities.


8 Years of Experience

Originally from Alabama, Shelli moved to Venice 3 years ago and she loves living here! She has been working for Empress Maids for over 2 years and she lives and breathes customer service. With over eight years of cleaning and management experience, she understands both sides of getting the job done. Shelli works tirelessly to make sure every client has the beautiful home they deserve.

In her spare time Shelli enjoys skating in Venice, meeting people who come to visit and exploring all that Los Angeles has to offer. With so much to do in Los Angeles, clients want to maximize their free-time and her goal is to take care of our clients domestic needs so they don't have to!


7 Years of Experience

As a mother of three, Suzanna knows it can be difficult to keep a house in order with so many other thing going on. That’s why she understands that our work at Empress Maids is meant to make a client's day easier when they walk through the door.

Along with her personal cleaning experience, Suzanna also has seven years of experience being a private housekeeper and home health aide for the elderly. She cares deeply about each of her clients and knows that even the smallest details are important and can brighten their day.


8 Years of Experience

Just like many of our cleaners, Yesenia has cleaned homes since she was young. She brings over fifteen years of experience to the Empress Maids team. With experience in hotels, personal nanny and housekeeping, home health assistance and janitorial work, Yesenia has truly done it all. She knows how to work quickly and efficiently to meet all of our clients needs.

Yesenia is definitely a people person, always quick to smile or crack a joke. She loves to spend time with her family and working with her sister keeps motivated. When not at work you can find Yesenia enjoying the park with her children or helping her husband run his business.

Empress Maids is available in Los Angeles. We will be expanding to other cities soon. More questions?